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The “4-M” Mobile AV Cart

The “4-M” AV Cart is a great economical choice for new schools that have the funds to start with a few, or maybe even just one, AV cart. With its ease of portability it may be shared by various users, whether it be teachers in the classroom, administrators in the office, or even for Sunday school classes on the weekends!

The “4-M” AV Cart is simple enough that it can serve its purpose at any presentation location, at any time! Teachers especially enjoy the ease of use with the “4-M” AV Cart since it boasts an easy plug-and-play system. All it takes is the plug-in of a cable, the push of a button, and you’re ready to start!

The “4-M” AV Cart is even easy to build! No special maintenance crew to keep it running or a sophisticated contractor to construct it for you. Anyone who understands the basics of a wrench and the knowledge of plugging in a TV or computer can build the “4-M” AV Cart! This helps save money rather than having to hire a third-party to build the cart for you!

The “4-M” AV Cart has many features built into it that assist the user in various ways when they are interfacing with the AV cart. The “4-M” contains such features as…


  • Front and back doors allowing access to it from either side for operation, maintenance, and/or construction. Both doors feature a lock, ensuring that unwanted users are unable to access the “4-M”.
  • Front door inner storage pockets that allow storage of cables, books, CDs, and any other peripherals that may require storage.
  • Adjustable inner shelves that allow for more space inside the “4-M” AV Cart for any various electronics or tools that require storage inside the AV cart.
  • Extendable exterior side shelves that allow the user more room for their work and more space for their presentation needs (Such as a document camera, notes, etc.).
  • State-of-the-Art Micro-Portable Projector, with enough brightness to shine in a dark room, or even a lit room! Either case, your picture will be seen!
  • Integrated Audio System featuring clean and clear audio speakers, as well as a subwoofer, ensuring that your presentation won’t just be heard, but will be heard with clarity and power!


  • Allows for the video display of either DVD, VHS, document camera, or Computer!
  • Features the ability to play an Audio-Only source, such as an iPod/iPhone or MP3 player.
  • Incorporates the PixiePro Control Panel, an all-in-one controller that allows the user to easily control the basic hard-wired features located inside the “4-M” AV Cart (Control of the DVD/VCR, Projector Video, Projector Audio, Power ON devices, and Power OFF devices.).

Projector system allows for the use of Picture-in-Picture, enabling the user to show two different video pictures (Computer w/DVD, document camera w/Computer, etc.).

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