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We offer many seminars throughout the year. Our upcoming seminars are listed on our Events page.

Seminars Offered:

RCDD Prep for Taking the Exam

Now offered as an eClass! Click here for more Information.

7 Tasks of Highly Impressive Design and Install

4 hour class
4 BICSI CECs. (Coming soon as an eClass!)

In this class, you will learn the 7 tasks that will make your CLA design and install highly impressive. You will learn how to go beyond standards and do best practices. You will receive the most up to date information for our industry, and if put into practice will gain you a reputation of excellence. You will also learn about how to converge technology infrastructures.

Everything the Inspector on Record Needs to Know about Low Voltage

1.5 hour class

In this class, you will learn the importance of inspecting low voltage systems if you are an IOR. You will also learn the most important items in the infrastructure to pay attention to. Noticing these items will benefit your client by providing them a better performing system and will protect you and your client from future safety issues.

Practical CLA Design

3 days
21 BICSI CECs (Coming soon as an eClass!)

In this 3 day class, you will spend a day learning the best practices for a CLA infrastructure. Then a day and a half will be spent learning about CLA systems that can be put onto the infrastructure, such as, data, phone, CATV, CCTV, intrusion, access control, and AV systems. The last part of the seminar will involve hands-on practices and real world case studies.

Master Format '04 vs. Convergence

1.5 hour class
1 BICSI CEC (Coming soon as an eClass!)

In the Master Format '04, three spec sections are dedicated to the individual low voltage systems (Communication, Life Safety, and Automation). We will see the impact of Master Format '04 on these low voltage systems and a warning will be given concerning how these systems are converging in real life. We will close with practical advice on how to converge the systems and still use the Master Format '04.

VDV Test Prep

2 days

The State of California is requiring any C-10 (Electricians) contractors that install low voltage to pass an exam and receive a certification. In this class, we will cover the basic information needed to pass the exam. We will also go through a practice Q&A session.

What Hath God Wrought?

2 hour class
2 BICSI CECs (Coming soon as an eClass!)

These were the first words sent across the telegraph and ever since, people have been asking this question about low voltage systems. In this class we will learn a brief history of low voltage systems that will demonstrate the differences between analog and digital, the basics of how networks work and their infrastructures.We will then take a look at what is happening in todays technology world.

What is AV

4 hour class

In this class, we will learn what AV is and what is required to build an AV system. The class will have a humorous video, product samples, and hands-on tasks to reinforce the content.

Designing Like Paint by Numbers

3 hour class
3 BICSI CECs (Coming soon as an eClass!)

When you paint by numbers you simply fill the space with the color the number requires and eventually a clear picture develops. This seminar will show attendees how to design cabling and electronic systems using the same approach. Simple drawings will be shown that can be used when designing to create a system. In addition, there will be a discussion on how to future proof a design by merging the cabling system. A merged infrastructure allows any cable to be used for any system as well as be changed from analog today to IP tomorrow with minimal changes in the closet and at the outlet.

STI Fit Level 1 - Fire Stop Install Level 1

4 hour class
3 AIA Learning Credits

This class will cover the process of fire stopping to ensure compliance we will also discuss ways to protect yourself from litigation. This is a course that is supported by STI and an exam will be administered at the end, that if passed will give you a FIT Level 1 Certification. The course will involve handouts, samples, video, powerpoint, and interactive discussion.