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Low Voltage Services

About Our Logo

Company Logo

Our Logo stands for three tasks that we do:

We create designs for new or existing building infrastructures that will be ready for all low voltage technology systems except fire alarm.  This approach saves 30-50% of cost on a project and enables a client in the future to add or change technology systems with minimal disruption or as they can afford.  

We inspect and document existing or newly constructed building infrastructures.  We can determine if the infrastructure is capable of handling a desired technology or document what you have within your structure to simplify maintenance.  We also can review existing technology plans to ensure standards and codes are in compliance and to determine if there are some better ways to design the system.

We are doing our part to improve the professionalism in our industry by training designers and installers in the latest standards and methodology.  We promote best practices in all our classes.  Our classes are recognized by BICSI and AIA for continuing education.