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Mobile AV Cart

Big Valley Christian School (BVCS) needed an AV Cart solution for their classrooms for a few different reasons. Their school campus is shared by the church on the same property, so they did not want any confusion over who would be required to maintain and store the equipment if their projectors were mounted. They also did not have the funds to put projectors in every classroom, so we designed an AV cart that had a projector as well as other capabilities that the client requested.

The local public school district had an AV cart that BVCS was looking at, but it would cost them around $4200 per cart. When they came to us, our design cost them under $25,000 for 8 carts.

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Picture of the Cart fully deployed.

The cart showing the Document Camera and Laptop Connection.

Close up view of the cart

Close-up view of the projector.

shot of the cart collapsed

The cart fully collapsed takes up little room.