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Central Valley High School

Site Background:

Central Valley High School is located in Ceres, California. In 2004, they decided to modernize the school for the next wave of technology.

What They Wanted:

They wanted a new design that would last them well into the future. This design needed to be able to support the largest amount of bandwidth and speed possible. It also needed to be compatible with future technologies 10 years down the road.

Our Design Specifications:

We decided to implement Class F cable, which is a European cable that supports 40 gig transfer rates, across the entire campus. This cable allows for many different applications that Cat5E and augmented Cat6 can't handle. It also future proofs the school for the time when 40g networks will come into play on a broader basis.

End Result:

The school now has modern network and data capabilities that will extend into the future, as their infrastructure can handle a far bigger network. This will save them costs in the future by allowing them to buy only new network devices and not have to rewire the entire school a second time.

Class F connection at a Wall Plate